Hon. Gen. Secretary Desk

This Institution has been formed to assist in the task of formulation of ideas, spreading knowledge and education on matters relating to valuation for the Central and State Governments and General Public. It also renders advisory service to Valuers, Government Departments, Banking Institutions and the General Public in solving their problems and overcome difficulties in valuation techniques through its monthly journal Indian Valuer (which the members of the Institution get free of cost) and also by holding Seminars/Lectures/Work-shops regularly, all over India.

The fellowship of the Institution is awarded only to the highly qualified engineers and other competent Valuers, having at least 10 Years practical experience in valuation work in different categories of assets. All members are bound by code of conduct and professional ethics as propounded by the Institution.

Since its inception this Institution has organized National Seminars at different places in India relating to the valuation of immovable and movable and other Assets and these have been inaugurated by various State Governors, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, etc. Our Seminars have proved to be very successful and popular and have been attended by a large number of delegates from Central/State Government Departments and Valuers throughout India.

The Institution of Valuers has, also brought out Web-site indicating the names and addresses of all its life members. This progressive action is taken by the Institution to keep pace the advancing computer age. Several organizations are suggesting the Institution to publish the names of the members on the Web to enable them to draw the names of Valuers according to their need.

This is first attempt and we are aware that there may be several deficiencies. We solicit gratefully valuable suggestions from all the users of this Website. This will enable us to make it more fruitful to them which is main purpose.

(Vinay. K. Goel)
Hon. Gen. Secretary
Institution of Valuers

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